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Photo panels for your wall

Exclusive photo panels for your home

My name is Michael Campos Viola and my mission is to use my photography skills to capture breathtaking scenes and transform them in photo panels for your home, workplace or any empty wall in need of decoration.

These artworks result from mastering a technique called gigapixel photography. As the name indicates the final photo panels have a very high resolution. Consequently they can be printed as large as eight meters wide.

My artworks reveal details typically unseen by the naked eye. They inspire viewers to take a break and simply observe. As a result viewers become observers who cannot resist the beauty of a realistic photo panel ornamenting a conference room or hotel lobby.

A key aspect of this photography field is having the right equipment on-site. Furthermore one needs the software skills to compose the photo panels and the right partner to print them. Most of all it requires a precise working routine in the field and attention to detail. As it can seen in the galleries the results pay off all the hard work.

If you would like to know more about this photography technique, please check the making of. I am happy to be contacted by gallerists or buyers who would like to acquire an existing photo panel or commission an exclusive artwork.

Commissioned artworks

Karwendel Natural Park in Austria

A high quality photo panel can only be really appreciated when it hangs on the wall. There are several printing options. It is important that you order the print from an experienced company with high standards. In this case the client opted for a print on fabric.

Additionally you should make sure that you hire a professional team to hang the artwork. As you can see on the pictures there are four main steps involved. The larger the panel the more difficult the job will be.

Eibsee lake in Germany

It took about one hour to hang each photo panel. The two artworks hang on a common room in an architectural office in Munich, Germany. The empty walls gained a completely different flair and the team enjoys the social room even more.

Photo panel Eibsee in Germany

Do you need advise?

My work will only be finished when I see the final photo panel hanging on your wall. I am happy to advise you and give you references for partner printing companies and trusted professionals.

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1 thought on “Photo panels for your wall”

  1. Michael Kammeter Antworten
    September 2017

    Lieber Michael, Deine Gigapixels sind einfach beeindruckend. Von Weitem eine Gebirgslandschaft, aus der Nähe eine Biene, die Nektar sammelt. Mehr Naturerlebnis und Authentizität kann Fotografie nicht bieten.

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